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It’s tough for Black River resident and high school senior Maureen Rogers being the smartest girl in school, class of 2011, especially with one of the school’s most popular girls.  Chelsea Crawford has targeted her out for abuse since the first grade. The stormy relationship between Chelsea and Maureen comes to a head one early evening as Maureen and her boyfriend, Peter Garrison, are seated alone in his Ford Ranger. Peter is killed, and Maureen is left for dead. Unknown to any of them, a vampire is watching what’s going on, and gives Maureen just what she needs to get revenge for all the wrongs committed against her. And she does it taking out Chelsea’s friends one by one, saving Chelsea for last.


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Mark Mackey, living in Chicago, an author with U.K based Titan Inkorp, started writing when he submitted a simple poem to a contest which was later published in an anthology. In addition he has won two screenplay awards, one for the short screenplay Horror in the Woods, and one for the feature Length screenplay A Tale of Two Girls, both in the book Four Screenplays volume I. This as well as having short stories published in several different charity anthologies with more in 2014 and hopefully beyond.


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Twitter:  https://twitter.com/MarkM1974

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mark.mackey.127

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GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4901919.Mark_Mackey


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